OUR PICKS: Winter Adventures Around Sunapee, New Hampshire

Winter Adventures

We sure do love winter here in New Hampshire, and while skiing is a favorite for many, we realize it’s not for everyone. Lucky enough, the Sunapee region is full of other winter adventures that can get you outside to enjoy the scenery without having to step onto the slopes. A few activities below that we love to do in the winter!

 Local Winter Hikes: Discover Nature’s Serenity
Experience the invigorating winter air as you venture along Sunapee’s captivating winter trails. Gear up and traverse paths like the Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway, where snow-draped trees paint a scenic backdrop. The Andrew Brook Trail provides a moderately challenging winter hike, rewarding you with stunning views of Lake Sunapee. Bring your camera along – the snowy terrain might unveil intriguing wildlife tracks for you to capture! This is just a sampling, this link has a great list of other hikes and trails to explore!

Snow Tubing: A Rush of Adrenaline
For an unexpectedly fun winter adventure, try out some snow tubing at  Pats Peak! You’ll feel like a kid again as you whip down the speedy lanes in their oversized tubes!  Afterwards, warm up with some hot cocoa or one of Pats Peaks very famous oversized cookies!  Or, if you are looking to head in the other direction towards Claremont, we sure do love Arrowhead recreation area.  Both Pats Peak and Arrowhead are about 25 minutes from The Lodge!

Snowshoeing and XC Skiing : Trek or Glide Your Way Through The Winter
Experience a unique winter adventure in Sunapee by snowshoeing on dedicated trails through snow-covered landscapes. Whether you’re a seasoned snowshoer or a beginner, it offers a tranquil way to enjoy the winter beauty. Bundle up, strap on your snowshoes, and explore scenic trails. For a dynamic winter activity, try cross-country skiing at Eastman in Sunapee’s winter wonderland. Glide through meticulously groomed trails, tailor your experience, and revel in the beauty for a few hours or the entire day.

Scenic Drive to Lincoln: Ice Castles
Take a scenic drive just an hour away to Lincoln and witness the awe-inspiring Ice Castles. You’ll be wowed with the  intricate ice sculptures illuminated by colorful lights, creating a fairytale-like atmosphere. The Lincoln Ice Castles are a seasonal spectacle that promises a magical evening for visitors of all ages. Remember to check the schedule and plan your visit accordingly.

Sunapee isn’t just a winter destination for skiers – it’s a playground for winter enthusiasts seeking fun and family friendly winter adventures! We promise your visit with us will be memorable and you’ll want to make sure you come back and experience all four seasons!


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